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The Wilbert Group


As a trusted name in deathcare for over 100 years, The Wilbert business expanded to include other offerings in funeral service. Now known as The Wilbert Group, the company decided to retire their 10-year-old booth and upgrade to a larger, more cohesive, and more modern-looking island display. Their previous display utilized heavy plywood fixtures that were logistically challenging and difficult to set up. Having used the same display for

the booth was just a collection of all mismatched parts and disjointed designs

many years, the booth was just a collection of all mismatched parts and disjointed designs. As businesses grow, marketing efforts must follow to

stay relevant. But this display was fixed in size, leaving The Wilbert Group unable to occupy a larger space even if they wanted to. As The Wilbert Group expanded, so did their need for a larger trade show display. Now comprised of four subsidiaries (Wilbert, Memorial Monuments, Astral, and Pierce Chemical), the group wanted a cohesive design that would represent and effectively highlight each one without the booth feeling fragmented. It needed to have space to feature each of the service offerings but in a way that flowed well. Aside from design, one of the key considerations for the new display was functionality and ease of use. The new display needed to be lightweight and easy to set up, making it a breeze to transport and assemble at trade shows nationwide. It also needed to be scalable so that The Wilbert Group could still participate in smaller trade shows.


The Wilbert Group’s new display, which features a sleek and modern design, is a significant upgrade from the old one and has generated a lot of excitement among the company’s employees and customers alike. The display’s overhead sign, a booth feature they didn’t have before, is a visual representation of the group with the four companies’

[it’s] a significant upgrade from the old one and has generated a lot of excitement

logos visible on each side and their parent company prominently shown above it. The booth provides spaces to feature each subsidiary’s products and

even provides private meeting rooms for customers and funeral professionals to consult. Every section of the space is functional and flows well throughout. The panels are made of lightweight but durable materials with stretch-fabric graphics that wrap around metal frames for a clean and polished look. These parts make logistics and assembly much easier without sacrificing impact. If marketing needs require these graphics to be changed, we can do so easily. Unlike the old plywood panels, this booth is also configurable to smaller sizes. The photographs show the display at its full size (50×50), but it can also be scaled down to 30×30 if needed. As The Wilbert Group business continues to grow, the modular design of this booth can be easily reconfigured to accommodate their expansion.


The trade show floor is a great place to show off and flex your company’s brand muscles. While the main target audience is customers, competitors are undoubtedly watching too. Your presence at a trade show can really influence how people perceive a brand. Accustomed to seeing the old Wilbert booth at shows, the reveal of this new display was very

exciting for industry trade show regulars. Overall, the Wilbert Group’s new display is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. With its eye-catching design and user-friendly features, it is sure to make a big impact at trade shows and events for years to come.

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John Ferrigan

National Sales Manager

“We felt like they understood our vision quickly, were able to work with our creatives, and execute on a vision that we couldn’t be more proud of.”
Ed McKenna