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In today’s dynamic business environment, setting up a compelling display or organizing a memorable event isn’t just about aesthetics or logistics. It’s about understanding your brand, your needs, and creating an experience that resonates. Welcome to the world of E3XPS, by working with E3XPS in Des Moines where we intertwine exhibits, events, and environments to cater to your unique requirements.

What E3XPS Offers in Des Moines: Beyond the Basics


Whether you’re eyeing a basic banner stand or aiming for a custom modular island exhibit, E3XPS has got your back. Our team possesses the expertise to understand your brand persona and craft a display that aligns with your vision.


Planning an event in Des Moines? From providing the right furniture to any other event-related requirements, our commitment ensures that your event stands out.


Creating a lasting impression is all about providing a consistent brand experience. Be it inside or outside your facility, we are equipped to design environments that become memorable touchpoints for your visitors.

Our Approach: A Confluence of Insight and Execution

No matter whether you’re seeking an exhibit or an environmental solution, our approach remains consistent, though the output might vary based on permanency.

Understanding You: Initial Consultation

Every project starts with a consultation where our marketing consultants dive deep into your needs. This helps us understand your goals, your position in the marketplace, and what functionally needs to happen for a successful show or display.

Collaboration: Crafting the Perfect Solution

Once we’ve grasped your needs, we move into a collaborative phase. Engaging key members from our team – be it our project management, our CEO, or our designers, we ensure that we leverage every solution at our disposal. Plus, we always keep you in the loop, ensuring your feedback is incorporated every step of the way.
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Execution: Turning Vision into Reality

Our project management team keeps a tight watch on timelines, ensuring no crucial dates are missed. They also handle initial invoices, art grids, and other critical elements.

Artwork Perfection

Whether our team or yours crafts the artwork, we always proof it. With keen attention to resolution, we ensure that your displays are printed life-size, crisp, and clean.

Expert Service Department Involvement

For the custom elements, our service department ensures seamless installations. Even for simpler setups, they guide you on setup, teardown, packaging, and more. Their expertise ensures you’re never left with unanswered questions.

Conclusion: Working with E3XPS in Des Moines

Working with E3XPS in Des Moines is not just about creating a display or event. It’s about partnering with a team that understands, collaborates, and executes with perfection. So, when you’re ready to take your brand display to the next level or host an event that resonates, contact us. We’re here to elevate your brand experience.
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