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Have you been seeking solutions for exhibits, events, or branded environments in Omaha? If so, you’ve clicked on the right article! As contractors, we’ve extensively working with E3XPS in Omaha and are here to share our expertise. So, buckle up for a detailed journey into the world of exhibits, events, and environments.

The Three Pillars of Excellence


Whether you’re in need of a straightforward bare stand or considering a grand custom modular Island exhibit, E3XPS in Omaha has got you covered. From small scale showcases to extravagant displays, there’s something for everyone.


Hosting an event? Fantastic! E3XPS ensures that it’s memorable. From furniture to every little essential, your event can be set up to impress. No need to stress about event logistics when E3XPS is in the mix.


Want to elevate the branding of your facility, both inside and out? E3XPS specializes in creating memorable experiences as visitors navigate your space. Let your brand’s voice echo throughout your establishment.

Custom Solution? Or Permanent Installation?

At the core of it, whether it’s an exhibit solution or an environmental branding venture, the process we follow has a lot of similarities. The chief distinction lies in the purpose: One leans towards a temporary setup (like an exhibit), and the other tends to be more permanent.
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Our Tried and Tested Process

Initial Consultation

Every journey begins with understanding. This starts with an in-depth consultation with a marketing consultant. The goal? To grasp your specific needs, ensure functionality within your booth, and understand your market positioning. This foundation sets the stage for a solution that fits just right.

Collaboration – A Team Effort

Once we’re armed with this information, the collaborative phase kicks in. Incorporating key members – from our project management team to our president, CEO, and design experts – we evaluate every available solution. This ensures that what we propose perfectly aligns with your requirements. But here’s the cherry on top: You, our valued client, are looped into every step, keeping the lines of communication wide open.

Execution - Making Dreams Reality

After identifying the perfect solution, it’s go-time. The project management team steps in, outlining all the details, from initial invoicing to strict timelines. Whether it’s your team or ours working on the artwork, it’ll undergo rigorous proofing to ensure flawless printing, especially for life-size displays. And, let’s not forget our service department! They play an integral role, especially for custom elements, ensuring everything gets installed seamlessly. For simpler solutions, they guide you through the setup, breakdown, packaging, and answer any queries you might have.

Conclusion: Why Work with E3XPS in Omaha?

With E3XPS, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in an experience. Tailored solutions, a collaborative approach, and a meticulous execution process ensure your exhibits, events, or environments stand out. If this sounds like the kind of partnership you’re looking for, don’t hesitate. Contact us and let’s transform your vision into reality.
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