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Custom Truck had big plans for Utility Expo 2023. They aimed to impress attendees by showcasing their selection of vehicles and demonstrating their capabilities in the utility market. To achieve this, they wanted an exhibit that offered both a comfortable indoor space for customers to mingle with their team and have private meetings, as well as a display area where clients could explore their vehicles. Additionally, they wanted to provide customers with the option to purchase a vehicle on-site, with the convenience of having it shipped directly from Louisville where the show was being held. Given the launch of their Electric Vehicles division, it was crucial for Custom Truck to partner with an experienced trade show company to achieve their goals. Fortunately, E3’s Director of Sales, Cayla Bantz, was ready to take on the challenge.

It was crucial for Custom Truck to partner with an experienced trade show company to achieve their goals.


To bring their vision to life, Custom Truck One Source booked a 200×200 outdoor space for Utility Expo 2023. Having exhibited at the show in 2021, they understood the importance of offering a comfortable and professional space for its clients to conduct business. So, their plan included building a 50×50 double-deck structure in the middle of the space. This structure would not only provide an air-conditioned reprieve from the Kentucky summer heat but also feature ample space for business interactions.

The exhibit design also incorporated visual elements to attract attention and create a cohesive branding experience. 

The exhibit design also incorporated visual elements to attract attention and create a cohesive branding experience. The front corner of the space featured a large, 3-dimensional ‘EV’ in bright green, announcing their electric vehicle lineup. This eye-catching element was complemented by greenery and a green carpet, creating a visually appealing and inviting area. Additionally, a bright green container was included where guests could sit and charge their devices while enjoying the shade. A tall, red arch served as a welcoming entrance for customers, leading them to a red carpet that guided them to the main entrance of Custom Truck’s 50×50 tent. Inside the tent, customers were greeted with a spacious layout, including a bar counter and ample space for walking around and mingling. Upstairs, the exhibit provided four private meeting rooms, one conference room, and an open meeting area, ensuring there was plenty of space for productive discussions and interactions.


Overall, Custom Truck One Source’s commitment to finding the right trade show partner and designing a standout exhibit for Utility Expo 2023 reflects their dedication to showcasing their selection and capabilities to clients and customers. By creating a comfortable and engaging environment, they aimed to attract attention, foster meaningful connections, and provide the convenience of on-site vehicle purchases.

Partnering with an experienced trade show company like E3 XPS was crucial for such a large and intricate project. And the results were outstanding! The show was packed with attendees and Custom Truck One Source pulled in more than their fair share of visitors. And with such amazing results, everyone is excited for the next show and another opportunity to impress!

The Challenge

La Aurora, a company with a 120-year legacy of crafting world-class premium cigars, recently made its American return at the Premium Cigar Association Expo in Las Vegas. The company’s founders, who were very family-oriented, used those values to build their business, and the owners wanted their exhibit to reflect that as well. In addition, as a world-wide industry leader re-establishing itself in the US market, they wanted to make a big splash, showcasing their products while being welcoming and entertaining.

The Solution

To achieve this, La Aurora’s 40×50 exhibit incorporated design and structural elements that reflected the company’s brand and legacy. The design was predominantly composed of pale yellows, gold, and white with accents of dark stained wood panels, creating an elegant and welcoming feel. The exhibit also required a lot of seating to invite others to socialize and get comfortable, as well as a private meeting area that was well-ventilated for sampling their cigars. 

The designers at E3 went to nearby cigar shops to gather information on how to showcase the products. As a result, they came up with slanted shelves and deliberate lighting to accentuate the items. In the product display area, custom-built display cases were designed to enclose products like in a museum. During the PCA event, some La Aurora owners from the Dominican Republic showcased their family heirlooms and interesting antiquities in these cases, adding a personal touch to the exhibit. 

To highlight La Aurora’s rich 120-year history, a timeline was created on the back wall that narrated the company’s story. At PCA, this proved extremely useful during interactions with the media, and it was an excellent way to brief journalists about La Aurora. The dark-stained wooden slats resembled the color of cigars and added character to the exhibit’s overall appearance. Additionally, they were utilized to provide ventilation in the private boardroom. 

La Aurora recently introduced a unique combination of coffee and rum as their latest product offering. To highlight and provide customers with a chance to try these products, it was only fitting to have a bar on display. This not only allowed customers to try the new products but also added to the welcoming atmosphere of the exhibit. 

The Impact

The team members of La Aurora were thrilled to see the display in person at the PCA. They praised its beauty and structure, and the exhibit made such a splash that it was awarded “Best In Show.” An eye-catching and inviting exhibit allowed the trade show team to actively engage with customers and create an experience that was unique and comfortable. The aim was to recreate the welcoming atmosphere that was successful for La Aurora in the Dominican Republic. 

Overall, the La Aurora exhibit was a huge success, and the company’s U.S. team was able to make a strong impression on the cigar scene with their American debut. The exhibit’s design and structural elements reflected the company’s brand and legacy while also creating a welcoming and entertaining atmosphere that engaged customers and showcased La Aurora’s premium products in the best possible way. 

"If people want a booth that's executed well and [has] the support that you need, E3 XPS is the first recommendation we have."
La Aurora
John Ferrigan
National Sales Manager
"We felt like they understood our vision quickly, were able to work with our creatives, and execute on a vision that we couldn't be more proud of."
La Aurora
Ed McKenna