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How Do I Choose the Best Trade Show Booth Location?

Trade shows are vital networking and promotional events for businesses. But did you know that the location of your booth can significantly influence the success of your trade show participation? Let’s explore into understanding how you can optimize your presence by selecting the best trade show booth location.

The Reality of Booth Selection

The Point System

Most often, you don’t get the golden opportunity to choose your booth location at a whim. Most trade shows use a point system. This system typically prioritizes exhibitors based on:

  • How long they have exhibited at the show.
  • The size of their booth space.
  • Extra payments made for sponsorships outside of the show floor.

Being a seasoned exhibitor or a significant sponsor can place you first in the booth selection queue.

Want a Prime Location?

If you’re yearning for a prominent booth space, a smart move is to speak with the show organizer. Inquire about sponsorship opportunities. Sometimes, sponsoring events or sessions can increase your ability to cherry-pick your booth location.

Strategic Placement Matters

The Right Side Principle

Have you ever noticed that people tend to gravitate to the right upon entering a place? It’s a subtle but significant behavior, especially in trade shows. So, as a rule of thumb, aim for a space on the right side of the show floor if given a choice.

This prime real estate is often where initial excitement and attention are highest. Being on the right, particularly the right front side, will increase your visibility and engagement.

Competition Evaluation

Another crucial aspect is to consider your competitors. If you’re aiming to outshine and look grander than your competition, find a booth space near them. This proximity lets attendees easily compare and can give you an advantage if your setup looks more impressive.

Controversial Choices: Food and Restrooms

Some companies swear by placing their booths near the food counters or restrooms. The logic? These are places most attendees will visit, guaranteeing foot traffic. However, there’s a catch.

People headed to grab a bite or to the restroom are usually on a mission. They might not be in the mood to stop by your booth. But on the upside, you’ll have more eyes on your setup, which can increase brand visibility.

Making the Most of Less-than-Ideal Spaces

Late Entries and Back Walls

If you’ve jumped into the trade show bandwagon a tad late, or couldn’t secure your desired booth location, fret not. Securing a spot, even if it’s not the best trade show booth location, is better than missing out altogether. Remember, every year provides a new opportunity. Your less-than-ideal spot this year can improve next year.

Using the Perimeters

For those positioned along the outer edges or along a wall, there’s a silver lining. Many trade shows allow exhibitors in these spots to play with booth height and other regulations due to the lack of an exhibitor behind them. This flexibility can let you create a unique, attention-grabbing setup even in a less popular space.


Ultimately, it’s essential to remember that your presence at a trade show holds immense value. Even if you can’t lock down that dreamy booth spot, being present and making an impact matters more than the perfect location.

Don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us if you need guidance on optimizing your trade show booth or if you have any questions regarding trade show participation.

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