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The psychology of booth design: influencing attendee Behavior

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Exhibiting companies buy a lot of trade show products. But some companies are opting to rent instead of buy their exhibits, saving them money and allowing them flexibility. There are advantages to both buying and renting booths, but each company has to decide which option is the best fit for them. Keep reading to see what every exhibitor should know about trade show display rental.

What is available for trade show display rental?

Before deciding whether you want to rent or buy, you first need to know what kinds of products are available for rental. Here are a few kinds of products you can rent:

Large Island Exhibits for the Industry Leader

Companies that have a large share of the market almost always choose to exhibit with large custom island exhibits. Companies also like to use these when they want to make a statement. Nothing says you are large and in charge quite like island exhibits. They also allow you to have plenty of space to interact with event attendees. If you plan on hosting games, activities, product demonstrations, or other interactive elements, island exhibits will provide you with the most space.

Inline Booths for the Professional Exhibitor

Many companies opt to rent inline booths. Inline booths have multiple benefits, including the fact that they are easy to set up, feature an impressive appearance, and are long lasting. These booths are available in different shapes and sizes so that exhibitors can find one that fits their needs best.

Add-Ons to Enhance Your Booth

There are also a variety of add-ons available to rent. These products are designed to enhance your booth. They include monitors, tables, shelving, technology, and much more. Renting these accessories allows you to make the most of your booth.

What are the perks of trade show display rental?

Why is it that some companies are choosing to rent instead of buy? There are several perks to trade show display rental:

Freedom to Change Your Exhibit

One of the perks of renting is that it allows exhibitors to make changes to their exhibits without spending as much money. Exhibitors who buy may feel more locked in to the exhibit they are using. Renters can change their look or even their display without taking as much risk. Renting also allows exhibitors to add pieces to their booth in order to make it bigger if they want to

Ability to Save Money

Saving money is one of the primary benefits of trade show display rental. Renting allows businesses to start exhibiting without having to spend as much money. It also allows many exhibitors to minimize their operating expenses. This leaves them more money to allocate to other expenses and projects.

Ability to Present Your Brand Professionally

The great thing about trade show display rental is that it allows exhibitors to save money without compromising quality. Since the same products that are available for rental are also available for purchase, renters can present their brand just as professionally as owners.

Once you have compared the advantages of owning versus renting, you can decide which is a better fit for your company.

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