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The Psychology of Booth Design: Influencing Attendee Behavior


Are you currently using PowerPoint in your trade show booth to display videos and other media? Do you feel like you need more of an edge to really capture attendees’ attention and make a good impression? If so, check out these alternatives to PowerPoint. They can help you convey your company’s message more effectively and with a little more flair.


Prezi is designed to help all kinds of professionals — including those in the exhibition industry — create and deliver engaging, high-quality, and branded presentations. Prezi presentations feature smooth animation that captures and holds people’s attention and helps you build stronger connections while pitching your business’s products. Even in a crowded event hall, Prezi presentations will stand out. A lot of high-profile businesses rely on Prezi, including BMW, Salesforce, and Sony. If you choose this presentation tool, you’ll be in good company.

Prezi pricing for businesses starts at $15 per month, billed annually.


Powtoon touts itself as the world’s #1 visual communication platform. It provides you with everything you need to create high-quality content. This includes easy-to-use tools, 100s of templates, and customizable scenes, characters, and text. Powtoon is designed to help businesses scale their content to drive engagement and make sure everything they create is on-brand. In addition to simplifying the creation process, it also integrates with other tools — such as Microsoft Teams and Slack — to help your team communicate and complete projects faster.

Individual Powtoon pricing starts at $20 per month. Quotes for business plans are also available upon request.


Emaze provides templates to help businesses like yours create all kinds of content, including trade show presentations, websites, photo albums, blogs, and more. Emaze is more than just a design tool. It’s a comprehensive business solution with easy-to-use tools to shorten your company’s sales cycle, convert more leaders, and collect and track valuable, advanced analytics. This tool helps you and your team to stay connected while creating content for your next event, too. It offers an advanced collaboration feature and allows you to email presentations directly from the platform.

Business pricing for Emaze starts at $125 per month, billed annually.


If you’re already an Apple user, the Keynote program might be a good choice for your next presentation. Keynote allows you to create sophisticated, high-quality presentations that will wow trade show attendees and get them interested in working with your brand. With Keynote, you can add live video feeds to any of your slides and change the position, size, and rotation of your presentation seamlessly. You and your team can also take turns controlling presentation decks with Macs, iPads, and iPhones, which allows for a smoother, more professional delivery. To make Keynote even more inviting, keep in mind that it is free on all Apple devices.


Canva isn’t just for creating impressive Instagram graphics. You can use it to level up your exhibiting and put together high-quality video and slideshow presentations. Canva allows you to combine videos and images into one seamless package. It provides access to free video transitions, as well as the ability to crop and resize videos, trim video clips, and incorporate text animations. With Canva, you and your team can easily collaborate on presentations, too. Just invite team members, chose access permissions, and begin creating almost instantly.

Pricing for Canva Pro starts at $119.99 per year.

Level up your trade show presentations today 

As you can see, from SaaS solutions to Kansas City custom software development, there are plenty of alternatives to PowerPoint when it comes to video presentation software for trade shows and other events. Keep the options on this list in mind and you’ll have no trouble finding a good digital marketing tool for your brand.

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